Koji Ishimoto


Koji IshimotoFront-End Developer
Koji Ishimoto was born and grew up in Japan. He is originally from web designer, majored in living style design at University of Shiga Prefecture. He is also passionate about programming. In his career, he was in charge of coding HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and education to new employees.

He writes about web performance and mobile web in his blog, MOL - Designing for a Mobile World!. He is also a founder of JS Girls which is a community for ladies who learn JavaScript.


  • B.A., Product Design, University of Shiga Prefecture, 2007.

Work Experience

2015 -, Kaizen Platform, Inc.
Kaizen Platform is a full-service digital customer experience optimization platform. Kaizen scalably optimizes the entire customer journey with data-driven creativity.
Front-end Engineer

2012 - 2014, CyberAgent, Inc.
CyberAgent manages Ameblo which is one of the top sites in Japan.
Web Developer

  • Managed the biggest front-end developer community in Japan.
  • Led a front-end web performance team to improve speed of all social game applications in the company.
  • Developed a bulletin board system service for ladies.

2007 - 2012, DMM.com Labo Co.,Ltd.
DMM.com is one of the top E-commerce sites in Japan.
Web Designer, Web Analyst

  • Led an analyst team to implement Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
  • Introduced Semantic HTML(Microformats).
  • Improved main template view and top page view file with HTML5.
  • Created HTML/CSS cording guidelines for web designer in the company.


JS Girls

2014 - , founder
A developer community for ladies who learn JavaScript.


2012 - 2014, Organizer
The Frontrend meetup is about everything frontend technology.


2010 - 2012, Organizer
A community for developers who learn JavaScript in Kanazawa.


Sass&Compass 徹底入門
Sass&Compass 徹底入門
Wynn Netherland, Nathan Weizenbaum, Chris Eppstein
Koji Ishimoto (Supervisor)

This book is Sass and Compass in Action which is translated into Japanese. I supervised the translation.

Personal Projects

  • 2015/01/28, Wisteria.css A class selectors based harmless CSS library.
  • 2015/01/14, Frontend Weekly A weekly e-mail roundup of frontend articles.
  • 2014/12/10, Sketch Plugin for generating Google Material Design color palette.
  • 2014/06/14, StyleStats A web application to collect CSS statistics.
  • 2013/04/25, Maple Realistic preprocessors-based CSS framework.


Chrome Extensions

iOS Apps

  • 2011/09/15, tissa (Utility) powered by Titanium Mobile
  • 2011/05/02, Nyars (Camera) powered by Titanium Mobile



  • Evaluating CSS, 40mins
    02/21, Frontrend Final Conference, 500seats, CyberAgent, Inc. Head Office in Tokyo





  • tissa for iOS, 3mins
    10/27, Titanium Meetup Tokyo #14, DNP Gotanda in Tokyo
  • Implementing Google Aanalytics to a bigger site and report, 30mins
    10/22, CSS Nite LP, Disk 19 reprise, Bellesalle YAESU in Tokyo
  • Implementing Google Aanalytics to a bigger site and report, 30mins
    10/15, CSS Nite LP, Disk 19, Bellesalle JINBOCHO in Tokyo
  • Introduction to Titanium Mobile, 45mins
    09/25, kanazawa.js v1.6, Shinoki Cultural Complex in Ishikawa
  • The paid iPhone app I made, 30mins
    09/17, Ti.Developers.meeting Vol.0.3, Hatena Head Office in Kyoto
  • Mobile First - How shoud Web Designer do, 15mins
    06/04, UPGRADE JAPAN!!, Fukui Industrial Support Center in Fukui
  • Using Google Analytics with jQuery Mobile, 15mins
    06/28, _gaTracker 1st Meeting in Tokyo
  • The iPhone App a web designer made, 15mins
    06/18, Nagoya Android Meetup Vol.2 Titanium Mobile Hands-on, Aichi Institute of Technology in Nagoya
  • Communities of Practice – Histroy of kanazawa.js, 30mins
    04/16, kanazawa.js v1.2, IT Business Plaza Musashi in Ishikawa
  • The iPhone App a web designer made, 15mins
    04/08, WCAF Seminar Vol.6, Fukui Industrial Support Center in Fukui
  • The iPhone App a web designer made, 15mins
    04/03, Untitled!!!!!!!!, Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center in Osaka


  • Long Life Web Performance Optimization, 40mins
    10/16, WCAF Seminar Vol.4, Fukui Industrial Support Center in Fukui
  • Long Life Web Performance Optimization, 40mins
    09/25, dotcoder session4, Osaka Kensyu Center in Osaka
  • Coding Web Performance, 35mins
    04/17, CSS Nite LP, Disk 9「Coder's Higher」, Bellesalle KANDA in Tokyo